Where can you get an image? / Which image do you use?:

Be sure you choose the correct image file for your ReplayTV.

(ShowStoppers were sold under 3 different model names, all of which are hardware equivalent to the 3000 series ReplayTVs.)

ReplayTV 20XX Series:  replay20XXvs3.02.zip (48 MB)
ReplayTV 30XX and ShowStoppers**:  Showstopper&replay30xximage3.02.zip*** (39 MB)
ReplayTV 40XX/45XX (current software - there isn't anything newer than this in existence):  520430360_factory_reset.zip (55 MB)
ReplayTV 40XX/45XX (older software):  Aug2-4000-4.3.zip (77 MB)
ReplayTV 50XX/55XX (current software - there isn't anything newer than this in existence):  530511440_factory_reset.zip (75 MB)
ReplayTV 50XX/55XX (older/stable and/or to retain CA/IVS in 55XX): 

rtv_5K_FactoryReset_140.zip (302 MB) or 5040_530510190.zip (71 MB)****

(The actual image files contained within the above .zip files are between 300+ MB and 500+ MB in size.)

*While the possibility is remote, under certain conditions using the wrong image can corrupt the ReplayTV motherboard firmware and leave you with a dead ReplayTV.  (The possibility of firmware corruption mainly exists in early series 2000 ReplayTVs booted with 3000/ShowStopper series software and 3000/ShowStopper series ReplayTVs booted with 2000 series ReplayTV software).

**Panasonic also manufactured a 27" TV/ShowStopper combo unit.  These run version 2 of the ReplayTV software and cannot be upgraded to version 3. The version 2 software image for the Panasonic TV/ShowStopper combo unit is here: 
PanSS-2710comboV2.0.zip (41 MB)

ReplayTV naming convention:
20XX includes 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004
ShowStopper includes PV-HS1000, PV-HS2000 and PV-HS3000
30XX includes 3020, 3030 and 3060 (ReplayTV 30XX series and ShowStoppers are internally (hardware) identical)
40XX includes 4040, 4080, 4160 and 4320
45XX includes 4504, 4508, 4516 and 4532
50XX includes 5040, 5060*, 5080, 5160 and 5320
55XX includes 5504, 5508, 5516 and 5532

(*The 5060 was sold by Costco and actually contained an 80 GB drive, which could be patched to 80 hours with RTVPatch)

Software build naming:
The following are all software version 5.1 for the 5XXX series platform (50XX and 55XX)-
530510190 is build 19 (the trailing zero is not part of the build number)
530511400 is build 140
530511440 is build 144

***The manual time set image files (at the other download sites) for 20XX and 30XX/ShowStopper series boxes allow for the time on the ReplayTV to be set manually if the modem is dead and the box is no longer capable of a net connect.  You only need this if your modem is dead and you want to use the ReplayTV as a digital VCR.  The manual time set image files are only available for pre-4000 series ReplayTVs.

****There is an image (5504_50103.zip) in the 5500 directory (of the other download sites), but one of the images listed above should be used on either 50XX or 55XX series ReplayTVs.  The image in the 5500 directory is old and has been known to cause various problems.  The hardware on the 50XX and 55XX series is identical and the 50XX images can be used on either the 50XX or 55XX series ReplayTVs.

The rtv_5K_FactoryReset_140.zip image is considerably larger than the other images.  It was not a general public release and consequently does not compress as well as the other images.  If you are attempting to retain CA and IVS in a 55XX ReplayTV,
rtv_5K_FactoryReset_140.zip is a newer release than 5040_530510190.zip, although either image should work.

Image files may also be available at:


Some of the image files are also available via bit torrent at:

(bit torrent client:  http://bittorrent.com/download.html)

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