ReplayTV will work for a time and then the video freezes or stutters:

Hard drive problems can show up in a variety of ways.  If your ReplayTV will work fine for a time, but then the video freezes and the audio stops, or the video gets stuck with the audio stuck and stuttering - you likely have a problem with the hard drive.  (When this happens, the unit will no longer respond to the remote and may eventually reboot itself). It could be the drive has developed a bad area where the data can not be read properly, or the drive may be starting to fail.  A pause, skip or stutter in the video and/or audio on a regular basis (as in several times a minute in a recorded show or live TV) may also be indicative of a hard drive problem.

You should pull the drive and run the manufacturer diagnostics on it.  If it passes, try re-imaging the drive.  If you have a two drive ReplayTV, read the information under ReplayTV stuck at "Please wait..." regarding a two drive system.

If the problem returns after re-imaging, you should try a different drive.

Heat can be an originating cause of hard drive problems.  Make sure your ReplayTV has adequate ventilation and that the fan is running (40XX and later models all have fans).  Once a drive suffers damage caused by overheating, it will need to be replaced.

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