How do you use a downloaded image?:

RTVPatch for Windows, runs only on Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.  If you're running any other version of Windows, you'll need to use the Linux boot disk method with RTVPatch.

Download the proper image for your ReplayTV and unzip it to a location accessible by RTVPatch with the ReplayTV drive hooked up to your PC.  The unzipped ReplayTV image should be approximately 500+ MB in size (or 300+ MB in size with the images for the older ReplayTVs/ShowStoppers) and will have an extension of .rtv.

(Win2k/XP):  hook the drive up to your computer, launch RTVPatch, Set Target Drive, and then from the lower right in RTVPatch, choose Restore Target Drive. A box will open that will allow you to browse to the downloaded image;
(Win95/98 using Linux boot disk):  Follow the instructions here:
(Scroll down at that link to see the Linux boot disk instructions).   The instructions cover upgrading a 30XX/ShowStopper, but can be used for later models with at least one change*: for the line that says:
"dd if=/windrive/replay.img of=/dev/hdc bs=1024 count=320000" change the count to 520000.
*The instructions assume your new drive is assigned the /hdc device designator by Linux.  You can watch the Linux boot screens, or run RTVPatch to determine the actual drive designators for the existing PC drive and the new ReplayTV drive and substitute the correct drive device for /hdc in the command line above.

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