Enabling ShowGuard and SportsGuard:

Shows that are now running a minute or more past the half hour or hour are perfect reasons to activate ShowGuard. ShowGuard is a feature that was written into the software but never implemented, that automatically extends all recordings by a set amount (like 5 minutes) if there is not a show to be recorded immediately following. SportsGuard does the same thing with shows flagged as sports.

I'm guessing ShowGuard/SportsGuard are not perfect, since they were never officially turned on, but ShowGuard seems to work well in my experience with it.

It can be activated through WiRNS and the getshellcmds plug-in. Disclaimer: since it's modifying the registry, it's possible to corrupt it and end up with a ReplayTV that won't boot. Following are the commands to activate ShowGuard and SportsGuard. The ShowGuard time can apparently be changed in 1 minute increments* and I think the SportsGuard time can be changed in 15 minute increments (these commands go in the file shellcmds):

regedit setstr Software/Apps/ReplayChannels EnableShowGuard TRUE
regedit setstr Software/Apps/ReplayChannels EnableSportsGuard TRUE
regedit setstr Software/Apps/ReplayChannels SportsGuardTime 90
regedit setstr Software/Apps/ReplayChannels ShowGuardTime 5

Use these commands at your own risk. If you are not comfortable with the remote possibility of having to re-image your ReplayTV, then you should probably not try to implement this feature.  ShowGuard and SportsGuard should work on any model ReplayTV.

*Edit: Previously it was believed that ShowGuard could be changed in 5 minute increments. Actual experience in 5XXX ReplayTVs has shown it can be changed in 1 minute increments.

See my original ShowGuard/SportsGuard thread here.

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