ReplayTV company history:

ReplayTV was founded in 1997 and got its first DVR on the market in 1999.  Many sources credit ReplayTV with being the first DVR to market, if only by a matter of weeks before TiVo.  (For ReplayTV model history click here.)  In 2001, ReplayTV was purchased by SONICblue and the first Ethernet enabled ReplayTV, the 40XX series was released late in 2001.  In March of 2003 SONICblue filed for bankruptcy and in April of 2003 the ReplayTV and Rio product lines were purchased by D&M Holdings, the parent company to the Denon and Marantz brands.  D&M Holdings then created Digital Networks North America (DNNA) to handle the ReplayTV and Rio products.  Within two years, DNNA would decide to focus on DVR software and software licensing and abandon DVR hardware manufacturing entirely.

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