ReplayTV appears dead (won't boot), nothing on the television:

If you only have the coaxial cable output from the ReplayTV feeding your television, nothing is normally displayed on the TV until the ReplayTV software boots from the hard drive, at which point you'll normally see the second please wait screen, which says "One moment please ...".  The first "Please wait ..." screen is not displayed on the coax out from the ReplayTV, only on the composite or s-video output.  (There is more troubleshooting information here:  You did the upgrade and now it won't boot???, but it's necessary to view composite or s-video out from the ReplayTV to further diagnose problems). 

Here's the first please wait screen which is only visible on composite or s-video out:

And here's the second screen, which is only visible if the software on the drive boots, and will be displayed on all outputs (composite, s-video and coax):

Also note that on newer ReplayTV 50XX and 55XX series models, the fan does not start running until the software boots up - if the ReplayTV is unable to boot up from the hard drive, the fan will not run.

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