ReplayTV 5XXX 2 drive upgrade info and pictures

Be sure to turn the ReplayTV off, wait at least 30 seconds,
then unplug the ReplayTV unit before attempting to work on it.

Be sure to ground yourself before touching anything in the ReplayTV box.

First, I used RTVPatch, version 2.4 to prepare the 2 drives, following the same instructions that work for previous version ReplayTVs (3000s/4000s/4500s).
(Available here)

I mounted the second drive to standard Maxtor drive rails, mounting the drive as high in the rails as possible to allow for air flow under it.  Then placed Velcro strips on the bottom of the rails.

Next, I removed the original drive, replaced the single connector IDE cable with a standard dual connector IDE cable, and put a Y adapter on the power connector.  Then I used the drive and rails as a template, aligning one corner of the drive rails with an existing hole in the case, and marked where Velcro strips should be placed to hold the drive in place.  The Velcro strips, along with a single screw in the existing hole, hold the drive firmly in place.

Here are a couple of shots with the original and second drive in place.




Although the original pictures show the drive cable routed under the first drive,
I would recommend  routing the drive cable above the drive(s). 
(There's a cooling vent directly under the drive, that is at least partially
obstructed when the cable is routed under the drive.) 
Here's a picture of a single drive with the cable above the drive:

If you decide to go the 2 drive route, observe all precautions outlined
for previous ReplayTV series machines, be careful, and enjoy!

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