ReplayTV Single Drive to 2 Drive Upgrade

(The 3000 series ReplayTVs and ShowStoppers have been out of production
since the introduction of the 4000 series in 2001.)

Be sure to turn the ReplayTV off, wait for the drive to cycle down,
then unplug the ReplayTV unit before attempting to work on it.

Be sure to ground yourself  before touching anything in the ReplayTV box.

RTVPatch is used to prepare the drives for use in the ReplayTV
(copy the system and mpeg partitions, patch the drives, etc.)

First, open up the ReplayTV box and remove the EZ Bake top (metal cover) from the top of the hard drive by taking out the 5 screws holding it in place.

Next, unscrew the two posts nearest the back edge of the box (the metal cover was attached to these).

  Then relocate the two posts to the right front part of the box (there are already two threaded bolts on the bottom of the box to attach the posts to).

To attach the new drive to the posts, you can use one of the metal drive rails that come with any new Maxtor retail drive.  (Or just about any drive rail you can find).

Take the bracket and set it on top of the posts.  With the bracket centered, mark where you need to drill holes to attach the bracket to the posts.

After you have the two holes drilled, attach the drive to the bracket.

Using two of the screws that were holding the top of the metal cover on the original drive, attach the bracket with the drive to the two posts.

Now you're ready to hook up the cables.

Use a standard IDE cable to hook up both drives to the motherboard, and a standard Y power adapter to feed power to both drives.

I like to add a little cooling to help the hard drives, so I use a Silencer auxiliary case fan from PC Power and Cooling (because they're quiet).  And feed power to it by using another Y power adapter.  The fan is mounted by using a single machine screw, through the existing case hole in the center of the back plate, into the top part of the fan.  For a quieter fan, you can use an external power adapter and run the fan at between 6 and 12 volts DC.

Another view of the fan, which blows up and out of the case, drawing cool air through the case.

And while maybe not necessary, I like to add some cooling holes to both sides of the case. (Drill the holes with the cover removed from the unit, and be sure to clean any burrs from the holes.  The last thing you want inside the box are any metal shavings.)

This allows cool air to flow in over the power supply area, and over the new drive.  (You can use a black permanent marker or black paint to cover exposed metal in the newly drilled holes.)

As a precaution, you can tie down the original drive with a pair of standard cable ties.

Then you're ready to close it up, fire it up, and enjoy even more ReplayTV!

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