Re-imaging and activation:

Re-imaging a drive has no effect on the activation for the ReplayTV, other than the ReplayTV will likely have to make a net connection after re-imaging to confirm activation (5XXX or 4XXX series).  (If the activation nag screen is all you are able to access, try 243-Zones and then do a net connect).  Activation is tied to the ReplayTV motherboard, not the hard drive.  You cannot activate a ReplayTV by moving the drive from an activated unit to an unactivated unit.  ReplayTV 20XX, 30XX and 40XX series, as well as Panasonic ShowStoppers do not require activation (it was included as part of the purchase).  45XX, 50XX and 55XX series ReplayTVs do require activation to be functional - either lifetime or monthly activation.

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