How do you quiet the fan in a 50XX?:

If you're looking for a way to quiet the fan in a 5000 series ReplayTV, there's a thread on the issue at here.  There are several methods for making the fan quieter, including changing the voltage to the fan, adding a 47 or 100 ohm resistor to the lines feeding the fan, or choosing a quieter replacement fan. Personally, I've replaced the fans in several 5040s with the Sanyo Denki Petit 109P0812M701.  I have no affiliation with them, but one place to buy this fan is here. You can probably find an adapter cable to go from a Molex hard drive connector to a fan connector, or cut and splice the replacement fan to the original fan power connector. It's currently not possible to replace the fan in a 55XX series ReplayTV or some newer 50XX ReplayTVs.  The fan in the 55XX series and some newer 50XX series ReplayTVs is controlled by the motherboard (rather than just powered) and any fan other than the stock fan will produce a "fan lock detected" error message.  (If the original fan starts spinning immediately when the power is plugged in, you can probably replace it with a quieter fan.  If the fan doesn't start spinning until the ReplayTV has booted up, then it's a newer motherboard and the fan cannot be replaced with a quieter fan.)

The fan in 55XX series ReplayTVs and newer 50XX series ReplayTVs does not start immediately as the unit powered up.  The fan doesn't start running until the software has finished loading.  While the fan in these ReplayTVs does run at a lower speed to reduce noise, the fans generally run at a constant speed at all times, 24/7.  In early model 50XX ReplayTVs and 4XXX ReplayTVs, the fan runs as soon as the unit is powered up, but also runs 24/7.  (The fans in 4XXX series ReplayTVs are much quieter than the stock fan in early 50XX ReplayTVs.  Why they changed to a noisier fan is a mystery.)

You may also find that the 7200 RPM drives produce a hum or rumbling sound in the ReplayTV.  I have found that shims of a material like Velcro or rubber washers around the posts that the drive mounts to in the ReplayTV can help dampen some of this noise by allowing the drive mounts to be tighter.

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