Out of memory during net connect:

On early ReplayTV models (prior to the 40XX series) and ShowStoppers, you may get an "out of memory" during the net connect process, particularly if you have upgraded to a larger hard drive, did not use the large cluster option in RTVPatch and have lots of recorded shows or lots of recordings set up in the ReplayGuide.  This is more likely to happen if the Channel Guide you use has a very large number of channels available.

There are several ways around the problem - first, you can delete some recorded shows and/or recordings from the Replay Guide and then try a net connect.  If that doesn't work about the only other way around the problem is to use RTVPatch to prepare a new drive, or use an image to re-do your existing drive and use the large cluster option in RTVPatch.  Note:  if you re-do your existing drive you will lose all recordings and setup information.  Simply doing a factory reset on your existing drive will only solve the problem temporarily - as soon as you have lots of recordings set up or lots of recorded shows the problem will return.  And it's not possible to use RTVPatch with the large cluster option without wiping the drive of all existing information.

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