Other ReplayTV related sites of interest:

-WiRNS - Guide data for ReplayTVs and much more

-IVSmagic - take control of your IVS transfers

-Gerry Duprey's DVArchive
"Virtual ReplayTV for your PC"

-Poopli.com - use Internet Video Sharing to share shows with other ReplayTV users

-Justin Leaven's Planet Replay with various forums devoted to ReplayTV

-Justin Leaven's ReplayTV FAQ Site

-IVS Tester (see if you have IVS configured properly) and IVS Status page

-The old PRMan ReplayTV FAQ (some links may be outdated and the FAQ dates back to the 3000 series)

Other ReplayTV/ShowStopper Upgrade Sites:
ShowStopper:  http://www.geocities.com/lizard_boy8/replaytv.html
ReplayTV 5040:  Copy of old casacurtis.com/rtvupgrade site

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