• The network card appears dead, can it be replaced?:

Only the 40XX and 45XX series ReplayTVs use a plug in, replaceable network interface card.  A low profile, chip compatible NIC can be used as a replacement:  the Netgear FA331* is one such card.  If you replace the NIC, you'll need to remove the metal bracket from the new card, and make sure you insert it in the slot in the same direction as the original.  Failure to orient it correctly may damage not only the NIC, but also the motherboard.  (*I mistakenly listed the FA311 previously as a compatible replacement.  The current FA311 is not a low profile NIC but does appear to be a chip compatible replacement for the OEM NIC in a 4XXX ReplayTV. The Netgear FA331 is a low profile, chip compatible replacement.  Here's one source for the FA331:  FA331 at Unity Electronics)

The original NIC can be tested in a Windows 2000/XP computer.  Simply power down the computer, insert the NIC in an unused PCI slot and power it up.  Windows 2000/XP should find the network card and install drivers for it, unless the card is indeed dead.

The network interface in the 5XXX series ReplayTVs is a chip on the motherboard and cannot be easily replaced. However, Mike Menard at www.replaytvparts.com offers service on 50XX and 55XX motherboards, including repair or replacement of the NIC.

Keep in mind that it's fairly rare for the NIC to fail in a ReplayTV.  You need to rule out any other possibility before assuming the network interface is dead.

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