Modem connection problems and modem speed adjustment:

The modem in 3XXX ReplayTVs, ShowStoppers, 4XXX and 5XXX ReplayTVs is a 56k modem and under some conditions you may experience difficulty in connecting and/or completing the net connect download of data at the default modem speed.  It's possible to lower the modem speed for more reliable connections.  Former ReplayTV employee, the late Ben Fuller (ReplayBen and JustBen) wrote a modem speed control panel modification (his original information page is located here) for the ReplayTV software that was quickly added to the software for everyone by ReplayTV.  Although the modem speed control panel was originally written for 3XXX ReplayTVs and ShowStoppers, the information applies to later models as well.

In the original shipping software for the 40XX series ReplayTVs, the modem was not activated and could not be used or accessed.  Later software revisions activated the modem, allowing for net connects via Ethernet or modem.

Early shipping versions of the ReplayTV software for the 50XX series (530501030) and the 55XX series (
530501100) contained the modem speed adjustment panel, but due to a bug it was not functional.  (It appeared you could change the modem speed, but the modem actually continued to operate at the default speed).  Under certain conditions, these software versions may be unable to update to later software versions via modem. This bug was fixed in later software revisions.  If you cannot at least use a temporary Ethernet connection to update to a later software version, then you will need to re-image the drive with a later software version.

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