IR Blaster Fine Tuning:

There's an official FAQ entry for IR fine tuning from DNNA here:  
How do I adjust or tune the IR code settings for my cable or satellite box?

Here's a thread with some info on IR blaster fine tuning specifically for Dish Network receivers, and specifically with settings that worked for me with DP301 and 6000 receivers. 

I'm currently using three VIP211 receivers with my ReplayTVs and still using code 0775 with some fine tuning adjustments.  The IR blaster should be placed over the center of the three IR receiver holes on the front of the VIP211.  You should also cover the IR blaster and the IR receiver holes to prevent stray light from affecting the IR blaster tuning.  Black or silver electrical tape works well.  Here are my current settings:

Enable Fine Tuning:  Yes
Codeset: 0775
Send enter: No
Minimum digits to send: 1
Inter-action delay: 0400 ms
Response delay: 0400 ms
Pre-command delay: 0300 ms
Inter-command delay: 0400 ms

And here's the IR fine tuning page from the old PRMan ReplayTV FAQ.

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