This site was originally started as a source of information on 2 drive ReplayTV upgrades, but now serves as a single source of information for upgrading or repairing a ReplayTV as well as other ReplayTV related information. 

The most common point of failure in a ReplayTV or ShowStopper is the hard drive and/or software corruption on the hard drive.  When that happens the ReplayTV will be stuck in a reboot loop, displaying the first "Please wait ..." screen repeatedly (which is only visible on the composite and s-video outputs) and will be inoperative otherwise.  If you only have the coaxial output hooked up to your television, and the ReplayTV is unable to boot, you'll see nothing but static on the TV.   See:  ReplayTV appears dead (won't boot), nothing on the television.  If you're here to replace the hard drive, here's a good place to start:  Replacing the hard drive / RTVPatch drive replacement documentationWhen the hard drive fails or the software gets corrupted, the ReplayTV will become stuck in a reboot loop, only displaying the "Please Wait ..." screen.  (See:
ReplayTV stuck at "Please wait...").  Replacing the drive is relatively easy and can be completed in a short time.  Other common problems included poor connections between the power supply and motherboard and/or loose grounding screws on the motherboard and power supply. (See:  ReplayTV seems unstable, works for while, then reboots or other strange and/or erratic behavior).

If you're having another problem with a ReplayTV or ShowStopper, there's a lengthy troubleshooting thread with lots of information here:  Building a Troubleshooting Checklist.  The chances are good that someone else has already experienced whatever problem you're seeing - read that thread thoroughly - it could save you some time in solving your problem.  DNNA also has a troubleshooting knowledgebase covering all ReplayTV models here:  ReplayTV Troubleshooting.  An excellent source of technical support help is available at Planet Replay from other ReplayTV users.

Before you attempt any upgrade or repair, read through all the available documentation presented here, through links here, and elsewhere.  When you think you comprehend all of it, read through it again to make sure.  If you encounter a problem, read through everything again to see if it's been encountered before.  All of the information you need for a successful upgrade or repair is likely here or through the links provided here.

Whether you're interested in upgrading the drive in your ReplayTV, or replacing an ailing hard drive in your ReplayTV, much how-to and do-it-yourself information is presented here.  I have owned and upgraded ShowStoppers, ReplayTV 3000s, ReplayTV 4000/4500s and ReplayTV 5000/5500s, starting with my first ShowStopper/ReplayTV in July of 2000. 
The information presented here has been gathered from personal experience, information from other ReplayTV users, and help provided to ReplayTV users in various on line forums.

If you start at the top of the "Alphabetical Index" at the left (or click on "Next" below), then use "Next" at the bottom of each page, you'll cycle through all of the information available on this site.  "Home" from any page will take you back to the main (start) page.  And the "Search this site" button at the top of the index works well to find specific information on this site.

Regarding Windows Vista - nearly all of the software related to working with ReplayTVs was written long before Windows Vista was even being beta tested - consequently you may find that some, if not all of the available software, including RTVPatch will not work under Windows Vista.  On the other hand, you may find that much of the ReplayTV related software works fine under Vista.  If you're running Windows Vista, you're generally on your own with respect to a program working or not working, and you may need to resort to a Linux boot method to use something like RTVPatch, if it does not work correctly under Windows Vista.  I do not use Windows Vista and have no plans to.

If you'd like to print this site's content, click here for a single .pdf document with all the site's info.

Good luck!


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