Automatically force a net connect via a perl script and avoid the "past 7 day maintenance reboot problem":

For those running a recent (1.3.??) version of WiRNS, here's a fairly simple procedure to avoid having a ReplayTV go past 7 days without rebooting, and thereby avoid having it not get updated guide info.

If you've had a ReplayTV go past 7 days without a maintenance reboot, you probably know it stops net connecting for guide data. You may also know that if you force a net connect after it's gone past the 7 day mark, the manual net connect will force the maintenance reboot rather than the net connect.

The following procedure will force a net connect once a week at a set time. If the ReplayTV is past the 7 day maintenance reboot, the forced net connect will force the maintenance reboot.

1) Install perl on your PC running WiRNS. (Here's one source for perl:
2) Download and unzip from and place it in your /perl/bin directory.
3) Modify for your ReplayTV's IP address and the directory for WiRNS.
4) See if the script works from a command prompt in the /perl/bin directory by typing: perl (then press enter).
5) If the script works, add a shortcut to your Scheduled Tasks to automatically run the script at a set time once a week when your ReplayTV is not likely to be doing anything important (like recording).

For multiple ReplayTVs you can either modify the script accordingly, or run scripts specific to each ReplayTV's IP.

I slightly modifed moyekj's script from here, under the section labelled: "Automating forced net connects through Wirns once daily". (Specifically I commented out some commands that only apply to the older version of WiRNS).

Thanks to moyekj, there's an additional script available that takes care of multiple ReplayTVs in one script.  It's available here:

If you're running the older version of WiRNS (1.1.2b) you can use his original script and directions.

I do not know what will happen under the following situation:

1) The ReplayTV is past the 7 day maintenance reboot point.
2) A recording is in progress.
3) The script runs.

This information is provided for entertainment purposes only. No warranty as to performance and/or suitability is implied nor offered.

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