DHCP bug:

There is a bug known as the "DHCP bug" in the ReplayTV software that may affect the network operation of a ReplayTV.  The underlying problem is that VXWorks, the ReplayTV operating system, requests a DHCP address during boot up, regardless of whether the ReplayTV has a fixed or dynamic IP in the ReplayTV setup.  The bug will surface when there is a DHCP server on the LAN and certain procedures seem unable to locate the ReplayTV, including Internet Video Sharing and even in home video streaming.

There are two ways around the bug:

1) Make sure there is no DHCP server on the LAN and assign all LAN IPs statically, or

2) Use a router capable of assigning the same IP to a ReplayTV each time based on the ReplayTV's MAC address and set the ReplayTV manually to that same IP.

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