What is channel mapping and how does it handle 4 digit channel numbers?:

Channel mapping allows the ReplayTV to "map" channel numbers from what they actually are, to a numbering system the ReplayTV can handle, particularly with more than one source as an input.

Here's an example using a single input - Dish Network via composite input 1.  Dish Network has channel numbers that go from single numbers (for local stations) to 4 digit channel numbers.  The ReplayTV will re-map channel numbers so that all the channels are between 2 and 999.  This means that for channel number 9546 on Dish Network, that channel will be re-mapped somewhere below 999.  (It's sometimes a little difficult to find where the re-mapped channels are, but they are there somewhere.)

In the case of multiple source inputs, for example cable TV on the RF input and Dish Network on composite input 1 - the ReplayTV will always assign the source with the most channels between 2 and 999.  (This is the way ReplayTV works and there's no way around it).  We'll assume the Dish Network input has more channels than the cable on RF in, so Dish Network channels will be re-mapped between 2 and 999.  Cable TV on the RF input will be assigned channel numbers that are the actual channel number plus 1000.  So cable channel 3 will be 1003, cable channel 27 will be 1027, etc.

It can take some time to go through the channels and find where they've been re-mapped to, but once you get used to it, it shouldn't be a problem.

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