Add IR Codes to a ReplayTV (to add control for certain DirecTV receivers and others):

(Including DirecTV D10, D11, H10 and H20 receivers)

From:   FlipFlop in the Adding new IR Blaster codes to the Replay unit thread at AVS Forum.  (This method doesn't rely on or need any other program (like DVArchive or WiRNS) to transfer new IR codes to your ReplayTV.)

"I rebuilt the bootable CD image with a function to automatically detect all ReplayTV units, and automatically copy the 13 RID files that I found floating around this thread. Now installing RID files is as easy as 1,2,3, without any need for WiRNS or DVArchive.

To install a RID file on the ReplayTV, use the following procedure.

1) Create a bootable CD using the image from
2) Boot your computer using this CD image
- after booting it should automatically detect your ReplayTV(s)
and automatically copy the necessary files to the Photo partition
3) On your ReplayTV, switch the network configuration to static, and set both
DNS server settings on your ReplayTV to match the IP address reported on
your computer (be sure to note what your previous settings were)
4) On your ReplayTV, select Menu..Setup..Connect to ReplayTV Service Now to
force it to connect through your PC.

If all goes well, you should get a clock and a CPU meter pop up on the screen
during the net connect. These are done at the beginning and end of the script
just so you can see that the script began and completed.
Use 2-4-3-Zones to access the debug menus and toggle these back off.

Now you should be able to set your device up with one of the following codes

2000 all pansats
2001 all viewsats V1
2002 all viewsats V2
2003 all dreambox
2004 all coolsats
2005 Accurian
2006 3500S
2007 DirecTV D10
2008 LG LST-3xxx
2009 PanSat2500
2010 Sylvania SRZ3000
2011 USDTV Receiver
2012 Viewsat

Once things are working, restore the ReplayTV network configuration to your
previous settings. You can also safely remove the "install" photo directory
from your ReplayTV(s). This folder was automatically created during the
install process."

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