Can you use a ReplayTV without activation?:

Early ReplayTVs (20XX and 30XX series) as well as the ShowStopper line from Panasonic were sold with service activation as part of the purchase price.   These models do not require activation verification during the net connect process and can be used as a manual recorder even if the modem dies and the unit can no longer download guide data.  Later ReplayTV models were either sold with lifetime activation (40XX series) or required the purchase of either monthly or lifetime activation (45XX and 5XXX series models).  These later models require activation verification during the net connect process and if they can no longer complete a net connect will cease to function.  (Although already recorded shows can be accessed via another activated ReplayTV on the same local network).  Activation should not be confused with downloading guide data - a ReplayTV downloads guide data on a regular basis, but activation is not merely the purchase or use of guide data.  Activation is a separate process and is required to use any ReplayTV later than a 20XX or 30XX ReplayTV or ShowStopper.

Activation and the verification of activation use an encrypted key in the communication between the ReplayTV and the mothership.  It is not currently possible to circumvent activation or the activation verification process.  So, any ReplayTV model from the 40XX series and later cannot be used without activation.

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