ReplayTV 5000/5500 Motherboard Replacement

Warning - Unplug power cord before working on recorder.


Remove 10 cover hold down screws




Spread left and right bottom edges slightly to clear back cover lip.

 Lift cover up and back at the same time until free. Lift cover off.




Release IDE ribbon by moving black plastic levers to the left and right as seen.




Lift front panel connector partially from the left, then the right until free.



Remove fan connector.




Lift power connector slightly from one side and then the other until free.




Remove 9 motherboard mount screws





Remove 5 motherboard mount screws and two studs from rear of recorder.







Lift motherboard up slightly, then slide it toward the front to remove.



Reverse procedure for installation.  


One last thing to do before installing cover. This model recorder is known for poor electrical contact of the 12 wire power supply to motherboard harness. As a preventative measure, in addition to hand tightening all the motherboard mount screws, also tighten the 4 power supply mount screws to secure a secondary ground path. These screws are typically found loose, even on brand new recorders.


Tightening mount screws improves the ground between the power supply and motherboard, which is a known problem with 5000 and 5500 model recorders.  




Installing cover can be tricky. Align the three tabs and work cover forward until it finally climbs over raised lip and snaps in place .





Enjoy your ReplayTV!!