ReplayTV 2000/3000/Showstopper Motherboard Replacement

Warning - Unplug power cord before working on recorder

Touch hand to bare metal on recorder case to discharge static electricity before touching hard disk or motherboard


Remove 7 cover hold down screws from underside and rear of cover


Remove motherboard rear attaching hardware i.e. 1 nut and washer, 4 screws and 2 studs from rear of case


Lift 4 connectors from motherboard. Wiggling and pulling at the same time aid removal


Remove 5 hard drive cover screws. Remove cover, foam sheet and hard drive


Remove 5 hard drive mount studs


Swing mount out of the way


Remove 8 motherboard attaching screws


Lift out motherboard


To install motherboard, reverse steps


Wiggle board until seated in rear of recorder. Install rear hardware before tightening 8 motherboard attaching screws


All connectors must be installed as seen. Align power supply board and IR panel ribbon receptacle onto pins. Erroneous connection may cause irreversible damage to electronic components

Once recorder is fully assembled, plug AC power cord in and enjoy the wonderful world of ReplayTV!