ReplayTV 2000/3000/Showstopper Hard Disk Replacement Instructions

Unplug AC power from recorder before working on it. - Warning - Connecting a drive into a powered on recorder will corrupt disk data and fail to boot. Always unplug power first!

Remove 3 screws from back and 4 screws from bottom of recorder cover. Slide cover off rearward

Touch hand to bare metal on recorder case to discharge static electricity before touching hard disk or motherboard


Remove 5 hard drive cover attaching screws, lift off cover and foam padding


Remove two connectors from drive gently pulling and wiggling at the same time. It can be tough to get the IDE ribbon to budge but it will


Swap out drive

Reverse procedure to install drive


Match up power connector shape. This connector is meant to fit one way.


OPTIONAL - Secure the drive with plastic tie. I suggest you store the cover and foam as its heat retention is suspected to do more harm than good. Replace recorder cover and plug AC power back in. The unit will bootup and shut off in approximately 1 minute. Press the power button, run setup again and your recorder is ready to use.

Enjoy the expanded recording space!!

A few suggestions to maximize hard drive lifespan and reduce unit operating temperature

1- Place recorder out in the open so cool air can freely circulate through the bottom, sides and top

2- Turn recorder off when not in use to allow hard disk to spin down

3- Leave disk spindown setting at its default setting "disk spindown"