Typical Replaytv 5000 and 5500 power problems.




The Replaytv 5000 and 5500 series recorders are known for DC power connector and power supply output problems. Such problems typically resulting in; completely dead recorder, no output video, "No Signal Detected" messages, pixilated video followed by unit freeze up, "Fan failure" messages, and fail to boot. Sampling DC voltages at the 12 wire power connector is the best way to verify if a power problem exists. It's important to understand the motherboard must load the power supply in order for it to output voltage, i.e. the power supply must be connected to the motherboard before taking measurements. Verifying the appropriate voltages assure the power supply and 12 wire lead are functioning satisfactorily. Unfortunately, low voltage at the 3.3 VDC yellow wires usually means the power supply is bad, but it can also be an indication the motherboard is excessively loading the power supply which drags the voltage down. There is no way to know for sure which part is bad without installing a known good power supply or motherboard, then retesting voltages. Below are  four commonly found voltage problems.

It is also helpful to know, with the IDE ribbon disconnected from the hard drive, upon plugging the unit power cord in, the drive should spin up. Hearing the drive spin up is an indication the power supply 5 and 12 volt taps are functioning. Although the value of this test is limited, lack of 5 and 12 VDC at the hard drive should mean the power supply is defective.     


1- Less than 3.3 VDC at the yellow wires. If the power supply fails to output 3.3, the recorder will not run correctly. I can tell you for sure 2.5 VDC is problematic.


2- Less than 34 VDC at the red wire. This usually is the result of poor connection of the red wire with the power supply or motherboard pin.  This problem results in No Signal Detected message when tuning through the built in RF tuner, or pixilated video followed by lock up. Replacing the connector is the recommended fix.  I only have a few used connectors on hand as I've been unable to procure new ones.


3- Signs of over heating or burning at the orange wire pins at the power supply. The connector has to be removed to inspect the pins for yellow or bluish discoloration. I believe this problem is caused by poor contact of the orange wires against the power supply pins. The pins should be a shinny silver. The recommended fix is to replace the power supply and 12 wire connector.



4- General weak connection of the black (ground) wires to the pins. A work around would be to hand tighten all the motherboard and power supply mount screws to act as a secondary ground path. I tighten these screws whenever I work on a 5000/5500 recorder.   





Note: ground is represented by 0 in the value row. To test, black voltmeter probe goes to 0 and red probe goes to higher number.  I use a thin diameter insulated probe to reach down into the connector to contact each wire.  DO NOT ALLOW POSITIVE PROBE TO TOUCH ANY METAL OTHER THAN THE WIRE OR DAMAGE WILL RESULT. ALSO, DO NOT TOUCH THE POWER SUPPLY WHILE THE POWER CORD IS PLUGGED IN.

Below are the expected 5000/5500 DC power readings taken at the motherboard power connector. Power cord plugged in, 12 wire connector must be connected.

Color:  Y   Y   R   O  O B B B B B Gr Bl
Value:3.3 3.3 34 2.5 2.5 0 0  0 0  0  12  5


 I've inserted my insulated positive probe into the inside of the connector .The lead metal tip must touch the metal inside the connector in order get a voltage reading. In this case the  voltage expected for the yellow wire is 3.2 or 3.3. Test all the wires then compare the voltage to the listing above. For convenience I have the black probe touching the hard drive power lead black wire (ground). This is the same as touching any of the black wires in the 12 wire power connector, but much easier to do.




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