ReplayTV 3000/Showstopper Power Connector Fix Procedure

Warning - Unplug power cord before working on recorder



The most common power problem responsible for uncontrolled reboot or failure to boot, is poor connection of the 6 wire harness or Power Interrupt Module (PIM) failure. This procedure addresses reseating the connection by removal and reinsertion of the 6 wire harness connectors, and by eliminating the PIM from the circuit. Why can the PIM be eliminated? My understanding is the designers experienced frequent lockup during booting. As a work around, the PIM was implemented to condition the power and bring up the IC resets properly. After years of experience with these models, I'm convinced that problem no longer exists in the mass produced 3000 and Showstopper units, and the PIM may be eliminated without consequence. 


Remove 7 cover hold down screws from underside and rear of cover and remove cover.


This is a picture of the power connector trouble area.



Slide off power connector from Power Interrupt Module (PIM). The PIM is the small green vertical board.



Lift connector off power supply terminals.



Lift off Power Interrupt Module (PIM).



Cut plastic tie strap off 6 wire harness



Reconnect connector back onto power supply pins. Make sure the connector is aligned onto the 6 terminals. Yellow wire goes toward rear of  recorder.




Connect other end of 6 wire harness directly onto the six motherboard power pins. Make sure the connector is aligned onto the 6 terminals. Yellow wire goes towards rear of recorder. We will not be reinstalling the PIM. Your recorder will work normally without it .



This is how it should look when you're done. Reinstall the cover then plug the power cord back in. If the same problem occurs unplug the power cord and wiggle the red wires in the six wire harness and try the unit again. REMEMBER - ANYTIME THE POWER CORD IS PLUGGED IN, THE POWER SUPPLY IS HOT AND WILL SHOCK YOU IF TOUCHED.